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Dogworx Pet Ranch is a family-owned and operated boarding and daycare facility offering short-and long-term care for your faithful friends. As animal professionals we strive to create a fun, safe, loving environment for your dog or cat while you’re away.

We live on five rural acres in beautiful Powell River, B.C.  We are less than ten minutes’ drive from the town center. 


At Dogworx, we know dogs are social animals who thrive when allowed to safely engage in natural behaviours—running, playing and being together. At our free-running facility, all our canine guests are treated as part of our pack. They get plenty of attention, exercise and socialization. When you’re away you can rest easy knowing your dog is relaxed and happy (although we can’t guarantee he won’t be a little dirty from romping outside). 


Routines are a comfort to your animal companions, especially when they’re away from home. That’s why every day at Dogworx features a variety of scheduled rest and play.

MORNING:  After wake-up, our canine boarders go outside for morning business and some play time in the yard. Then it’s back inside for breakfast and a digestive snooze. All our daycare dogs arrive, and soon everyone’s outside again for the highlight of the morning, a four-hour, free-running pack walk in our large, fenced yard. All our walks are supervised by our devoted Dogworx staff, not to mention our hard-working dog ambassadors, Bump and Griff. Some dogs like chase games, wrestling and digging holes, while other dogs love to sniff, saunter or roll in the grass. There’s something for every guest—big or small, young or old

AFTERNOON:  After the walk, our dog guests are free to spend time as they wish. They can hang out  with compatible dog buddies in our four fenced play areas. Or they can lounge in covered areas on our outdoor furniture features. On rainy days, some dogs like to come inside for warmth and quiet time. Your dogs tell us where they like to be, and we listen.

EVENING:  It’s pick-up time, and our daycare dogs go home with their humans. Our overnight guests come in for supper and some well-earned rest. Later, everyone heads outside for evening business and one last play time. Then it’s off to sleep. All our boarding dogs snooze the nights away in comfy Kuranda pet beds, secure in their own roomy runs. Sweet dreams for tired, happy dogs.

Dog boarding in Powell River
Dog boarding in Powell River
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