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We believe dogs are happiest when they’re together in a controlled, free-range environment. In other words, we let dogs be dogs! Our facility includes a large fenced walking range and smaller play areas. We group dogs based on temperament and energy levels for monitored play to ensure that everyone has a great time.

  • Energetic dogs play together in manageable groups where they can exercise exuberantly with like-minded dogs.

  • Older and smaller dogs have ample space to roam and sniff without younger and more boisterous dogs disturbing their peace and quiet.

  • Nervous dogs are introduced gradually to the pack with the help of our balanced and gentle dog ambassadors, Bump and Griff.

  • Rain or shine, all dogs have access to warm, dry, quiet areas.



Overnight Care

We want your dog to feel as comfortable at our place as he does at home with you. Our canine guests sleep in our boarding facility, which is attached to our house. Each dog gets his own secure space to sleep in and call his own during the day. We provide food dishes, comfy bedding and orthopedic Kuranda cots for all our guests. We also provide lots of personal attention, scratches and cuddles.



A tired dog is a happy dog. But a socialized, exercised and stimulated dog is happy, relaxed and fulfilled. We offer fun, attentive, full-day care for your pet while you’re away from home. Just drop off in the morning and pick up in the evening. Reservations are easy and fast with our online booking system. Daycare includes a 4 hour off-leash walk in our fenced private dog park (and plenty of playtime besides). Get to know the benefits of Dogworx daycare services!

  • Young dogs and high-energy breeds may have activity demands that are too much for busy families to manage. Daycare provides a much-needed outlet for their boundless canine enthusiasm.

  • New puppies need early and frequent socialization for well-balanced social lives in adulthood. Every day at Dogworx is a supervised opportunity to meet new friends.

  • Training your dog? Adolescent pups need plenty of exercise before they can settle down and concentrate. After a day of frolicking with us, your dog will be eager to earn his cookies.

  • Bored dogs can find destructive ways to amuse themselves while you are out of the house. Save your designer shoes and sofa cushions and bring them to Dogworx for the day.

  • Second-hand dog? Shelter animals often suffer from nervousness and separation anxiety. Ease the transition and build their confidence with regularly scheduled daycare.

  • Planning a long-term boarding stay for your pet at Dogworx? Bring your pup for regular daycare in advance to acclimatize him to our facility.

  • We’re a safe, convenient alternative to off-leash walking services. While you’re at work, you’ll know your dog is having the time of his life at the ranch.



Going on a long trip or renovating your home? Send kitty off for a holiday in the country at Dogworx Pet Ranch. Cats have their own private condo to hang out in for their stay, and they receive plenty of daily love and affection. We only take a limited number of cats at a time to ensure they get the one-on-one attention they deserve.

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