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The Academy 


The Dogworx Academy is an addition to our regular daycare and boarding program. We offer one on one training during your fur baby’s visit.

Our goal is to focus on a behaviour that is desired or undesired and teach your pup how to change their habits for the positive!

Some of the things we offer during their sessions are, but not limited too:

  • Basic obedience (Sit, down, stay and leave it, etc.)

  • Loose leash walking and recall

  • Nuisance behaviours (jumping, demand barking etc.)

  • Separation anxiety

  • Resource guarding

  • Fear/anxiety

  • Reactivity (excitement, frustration, barking and lunging)

  • Excitement/hyperactivity (engaging/disengaging)

  • Phobias (Noises, shadows, objects, etc.)

  • Puppy sessions

  • Straight up one on one enrichment session


Every session is customized to your dog’s needs.

How it works: You can select from either a single session or we have package deals of 5 or 10 sessions.


Single session: $15

5 Session Package: $66

10 Session Package: $112

Many people new to training believe the longer you work with the pet, the better. But actually, it's just the opposite! Working in many short sessions is far more beneficial. Your pet will learn much faster, have more fun, and look forward to the next training session. This is why we are offering 10 minutes sessions at a time as we believe that several short sessions are more impacting than a long session.


How to begin! Just book your pup in as usual through our online booking system, and in the additional services section, select “Dogworx Academy Session” then select the number of sessions would like to book. Finish the booking and we will be in contact before your first session in order to make a plan that suits you and your pup!


You can also book the 5 and 10 session packages online under the Prepaid Packages section.

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